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The Motorola MBP36 baby video monitor offers some great features.  The first thing you may notice about this product is the fact that this model offers a much more impressive range when compared to other models of video baby monitors on the market. This review on the MBP36 will discuss this model’s range capabilities, features, pricing and overall performance, while also taking a look at how it rated with consumers.

Motorola MBP36 Video Baby Monitor Review: Performance and Features

When it comes to range capabilities, this baby monitor allows you to use the handheld monitor up to 650 feet away from the camera and it still provides a crystal clear image.  This allows you to go about your day taking care of chores while still keeping an eye on your little one during naptime.

More often, baby monitors are being designed with built in temperature monitors and this feature is included in the MBP36. The temp in your child’s room can easily become too hot or cold, so this is a nice feature to have. Also included are five songs that are programmed into the system, allowing the baby to relax right before bed.

What Consumers Loved about this Motorola Baby Monitor

As an added bonus, you’re also able to take photos with this unit. This feature is not essential to the quality of this device, however, it’s a great way to capture tender moments when you just don’t have the time to run for a camera and snag a shot of your child peacefully sleeping. A more essential feature is the data encryption that’s offered. This means that nothing you say will be broadcasted, so you won’t have to worry about your private conversations being transmitted all over the neighborhood.

The camera portion of this device is much more adjustable than you can expect with most baby monitors. You can adjust the camera and zoom, and pan and tilt features even when you aren’t in the room.

Consumers loved that they were able to expand the system to include up to two parent units and four cameras.  This is ideal if you have more than one child because you can place a camera in each of their bedrooms or in their playroom or other high traffic areas.

The video screen measures in at just over three and a half inches and it’s the largest that Motorola has to offer.

Should you wander out of range with the handheld, an alarm will alert you. This way you’ll never be uncertain about how far you’re able to travel away from the camera.

How the MBP36 Rated with Consumers

Equipped with a 900 MHz antennae, it will be difficult for this device to miss a single sound your child makes. The manufacturer also puts a lot of effort into data encryption, so you’ll know that your conversations won’t be transmitted to passing truck drivers or anyone else. Consumers gave this model a five out of five star rating, making it our top rated video baby monitor. Currently, this model is priced as $228.63.

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