Motorola Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras

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The Motorola wireless digital video baby monitor with two cameras offers the night vision feature which allows you to view your sleeping or restless child at night. The large LCD screen and the adjustable camera makes for a crystal clear viewing experience and the large range capabilities will allow you to work anywhere in the house without the worry of picking up interference or dropping the signal.

Motorola Wireless Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Cameras Review: Standout Features

This Motorola device can provide you with peace of mind due to the night vision feature. It’s hard for many new parents to sleep well at night, not just because their infant wakes up for diaper changes or feedings, but also because of the fear of SIDS. Being able to view your sleeping infant during the night by simply glancing at a handheld device will relieve your fears and ensure that your child is sleeping safe and sound.

Many models of monitors work well during the day, but once night falls it’s another story. The best thing about this Motorola device is that it has an impressive LCD screen which works well due to the infrared night vision technology. It can provide you with a clear image of your baby even when it’s pitch black. The night vision mode will show up in black and white, which is how all night vision technology works. The farther you place the camera away from the crib the clearer the night vision image will appear.

The handheld device is lightweight and easy to tote around the house. It also features a kickstand located on the back, which allows you to prop it up for easy viewing. This device is also able to be mounted anywhere and can be controlled by using the parent unit. If mounted properly, you should always be able to have a clear view of the crib.

Why Consumers Love this Baby Monitor System by Motorola

The two cameras in this system will allow you to keep an eye on more than one child or the extra camera can be placed in a playroom or other area of the home where your child spends a significant amount of time.

Most households are full of electronic devices that emit a wireless signal. This can include radios, routers and cell phones. Also, if you live in close proximity to your neighbors, their wireless devices can also be registered on lower quality monitors. Fortunately, with the Motorola baby monitor you won’t have to worry about interference. You might also be worrying about baby monitors not being secure. An unsecure monitor can allow your neighbors to pick up your conversation on their wireless devices. Because this model uses FHSS technology, there is no security risk with this device.

How Consumers Rated this Motorola Two Camera System

Consumers gave this model a five out of five star rating for ease of use, ranging capabilities, pricing and system security. Currently this model goes for $249.99.

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