Samsung SEW-3041W Brilliant View Baby Monitoring System

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The Samsung SEW 3041W Brilliant View baby monitoring system consists of a viewer/monitor unit, and the pan and tilt camera. The parent handheld device features a 4.3 inch color display screen with a built-in microphone and speaker, which will allow you to talk to your baby or simply watch and listen.

Samsung SEW-3041W Brilliant View Baby Monitoring System: Impressive Features

The camera’s tilt and pan capabilities will allow the user to control the focus of the camera from the remote handheld device. This system also features eight LED lights that operate at 940 NM, which provides soft illumination that won’t disturb your infant in the dark. This system offers a range up to 900 feet so you will be able to use this device for monitoring when you’re on the move. You can purchase up to four cameras to be used with the same handheld device and you’ll be able to scroll from camera to camera, which makes it ideal for larger families. The 2X digital zoom can be adjusted using the control panel on the handheld device.

This system features simple controls that direct the camera to tilt up or down, zoom in or pan out. In your baby’s room Samsung allows you to point the camera around the room to see if your baby really is sleeping and to monitor all activity.

The night vision feature means that you will be able to see up to fifteen feet using the invisible infrared lights, so you can keep tabs on your child in low light conditions. The camera sensors will detect the light levels and adjust the image for optimal viewing.  During the night, if it’s too dark the handheld device can be used to activate the soft and soothing night light, which emits a light glow.

The digital signal utilizes 2.4GHZ frequency in order to provide interference free and secure video. Unlike most other devices on the market, the signal emitted from this device will not be interrupted by other baby monitors in the area, microwaves, cordless phones, smart phones or wireless routers.

This monitor goes beyond just listening. The built-in microphone will allow you to speak or sing to your infant, even while you’re still in bed. The voice activated quiet mode will reduce white ambient noise that comes through the monitor. You can adjust the sound sensitivity level in order to be alerted to only louder sounds. However, this model can also be adjusted to detect even the smallest sounds.

How this Samsung Digital Baby Monitor Rated with Consumers

Consumers gave this model a four out of five star rating, for pricing, ease of use, night vision capability and standout features. Currently this model is priced at $249.

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