Samsung Ultra View 2 Camera Baby Monitoring System

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The Samsung Ultraview video baby monitor system is considered a step up from other monitors in Samsung’s line. This system will allow you to watch two infants or two different areas of the house, at the same time. This system is ideal for a family with two infants who sleep in different rooms or for larger houses that require video monitoring in different areas of the home.

Samsung Ultraview 2 Camera Baby Monitoring System Review: Features and Product Overview

Included is a high resolution video monitor that provides you with an excellent view of your little one, a built-in microphone that allows for two way talking, and a sound indicator which will pick up even the slightest of sounds.

This system allows you to keep close tabs on your infant as you carry out chores around the home and lets you sleep peacefully in your own room without the need to frequently get out of bed to check on your child.

Why this Samsung Baby Monitor Model is a Must Have

The two included cameras feature tilt and pan capabilities and the zoom feature will allow you to keep tabs on your infant no matter where they are in the room. The controls on the handheld monitor will direct the camera to zoom, pan or tilt, providing you with the view you want. Using this feature will allow you to view if your baby is sleeping, what position they’re sleeping in and whether the covers have been knocked off. The camera is able to pan three-hundred degrees right and tilt up and down at a hundred degrees. Both of these cameras come equipped with light sensors, which automatically adjust the camera. Both cameras also use infrared LEDs that give you a crystal clear image at night.

There will be many times that your baby will wake up in the middle of the night  and this model by Samsung makes it easy to soothe them back to sleep with your voice, thanks to the two way talk feature.

The included sound indicator will catch even the smallest noise. No parent will want to miss their child’s first cooing or laugh and because of this feature you wont have to stay with the baby at all times in order to catch this type of moment. The LED lights on the handheld device will flash when the camera detects any type of sound. The louder the sound the more LED lights will flash. The monitor also features a quiet and sleep mode. You can also adjust the level of sensitivity for the sound indicator.

How Consumers Rated this Samsung Digital Baby Monitor

Overall, consumers consider this a valuable multi-functional tool that is a must have, especially for new parents. The zoom, pan and tilt feature is considered very helpful when it comes to keeping a watchful eye on your infant and the ability to adjust the camera via the handheld device cuts down on interrupting your child’s sleep. Consumers gave this model a four out of five star rating for the standout features, ease of use and pricing. Currently, this model is priced at $269.

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