Snuza Trio Plus Baby Monitor System

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The Suza trio plus baby monitor system offers users excellent image quality with a display screen that measures in at just over three inches and clear infrared imaging in dark conditions. This easy to use video baby monitor will allow you to keep a close eye on your infant while you go about your daily routine.

Snuza Trio plus Baby Monitor System Review: Standout Features and Product Overview

This baby monitor package comes with an impressive video camera monitoring unit and a baby breathing monitor, referred to as the Hero monitor.

Obviously one of the most important features for any model of baby monitor is the quality and size and the resulting images displayed. Consumers gave this model an excellent rating for both night and daytime viewing.

If you have more than one child in the same room you’ll be able to keep an eye on both of them thanks to the camera’s ability to move around the room using the remote operate tilt and pan function. This also means that you can use the monitor with toddlers when you leave them to play in their playpen.

The tilt and pan feature is operated by simply using the arrow control pad, which allows you to adjust the camera so that your child is always in view of the camera.

How this Snuza Baby Monitor Stands Out from the Competition

Many of the lower quality models will only allow the parent to hear sounds coming from the infant’s room. This particular model not only allows you to see and hear your child but you will also be able to speak into the handheld device and soothe your child, without having to go into the room.

The Snuza trio also displays the room temperature in your little ones room and the unit will alert you if the room is too hot or cold. While you can always purchase a room temperature monitor separately, it’s nice to have this feature built into the baby monitor system as opposed to having to purchase an additional device.


The manufacturer boasts a transmission distance of three-hundred meters, which is impressive. This system allows you to use up to four cameras, which is ideal for bigger families.

The Hero monitor is not a medical device and is not intended to be used in place of one prescribed by a physician. The Hero monitor is a device that will provide the user with an early warning alert when there might be an issue with your infant’s breathing and movement.

How Consumers Rated this Snuza Baby Monitor System

Consumers gave this model a four out of five star rating, for pricing, ease of use and the innovative Hero monitoring component. Easy to use and setup, this system is perfect for a growing family on a budget.  Currently, this model is priced at $289.99.

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