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If you have an infant who is prone to moving frequently during sleep then they can easily roll out of view of the camera and you’ll be left watching a blank screen. This isn’t the case with the Summer Infant touch screen digital video camera system. The ability to tilt, pan and zoom with this Summer baby monitor will allow you to keep an eye on your child while they’re sleeping, without having to sneak in the room and readjust the camera, should they roll out of sight.

Summer Infant Touch Screen Digital Video Baby Monitor Review: Performance and Features

The video and audio scan mode is ideal for multi-room monitoring. If you want to monitor more than one room then the ability to scroll through different cameras is a must have. This model has also overcome shortfalls of other camera systems that offer multiple viewing. If you lock off on one of the cameras or decide to turn off the video function, most other models on the market will continue to monitor the sound in one room only, for the last used camera, however, this isn’t the case for this device. The Summer baby monitoring system will continue to scan for sound through all of the connected cameras, which ensures that all rooms continue to be constantly monitored.

What this Summer Baby Monitor has to Offer

The size of the touch screen is the same size offered on most video monitors: 3.5 inches. The LCD screen will provide a large color image during both night and day and you’ll also be able to see black and white images thanks to the infrared night vision capability. This means that you’ll be able to see what your child is doing at all hours of the day and night. Another nice feature is the placement of the on and off button. This is set apart from the system’s other operational buttons which are found on top of the unit. This makes it very easy to use in the dark, without the need to switch on a light. Also included is a handy belt clip, making it easier for you to carry around the house.

This is the first baby monitor to incorporate and use the touch screen technology. However, keep in mind that the touch screen feature is pretty basic when compared to the type of touch screen technology you’ll find on a smart phone. Regardless, you’ll be able to zoom, tilt and pan the camera with ease, simply by touching the arrows located on the display screen.

You can also use the monitor’s menu system in order to scroll between different cameras, adjust the brightness and activate the system’s scan mode.

How the Summer Baby Monitor System Rated with Consumers

This model transmits a reliable, solid signal, which has a low drop rate. However, as far as baby monitors go, the four-hundred feet transmission range isn’t considered very impressive, especially when you compare it to other models on the market that are able to reach six-hundred feet and beyond.  Consumers gave this system a four out of five star rating. This product would have scored higher if it offered more impressive range capabilities.  Currently this system is priced at $219.99.

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